Monday, October 13, 2008

The author. The Hypocrite.

The beginning:

When I first had the idea of this blog, it came to me out of the blue. I certainly am not the best charity worker, in fact, I could say I have been a very mediocre social caregiver. One strange day I had an enlightenment. I suddenly felt like I HAD to do SOMETHING about things that worried me...

But this blog has many intentions: First of all AWARENESS. Other readers' and my own. We all think we know about hunger, poverty, abuse and pollution, but I don't think we have actually GRASPED yet at the fact that it's all happening in our own back yards.

Another function of this blog is SELF IMPROVEMENT. I knew right the minute that I decided on title of this blog that I myself would have to practice what I preach and demonstrate that I am committed and to show how strongly I feel about human sterilization. I absolutely WILL put my theories to practice . However, at the moment, I am very focused celibate. I am sure that in the future I will be attacked by this, but as I said, this blog is about SELF IMPROVEMENT, not PERFECTION.


First and most importantly: Human overpopulation. All of this planet's problems are originated from the ridiculous amount of people in existence. As mentioned in the MATRIX movie, we have become a virus. We urgently need to control our numbers. Why is it perfectly acceptable to sterilize our pets and not ourselves?

Pollution: Dear readers, we are eating, drinking and breathing our own waste. AS I once heard on a radio commercial: Oil spills, forest fires and Global Warming are things we hear in the news everyday, but these news ARE NOT NORMAL, we must become aware that this is all OUR doing.

: As I am writing in a formal language and using an electronic medium that requires basic things like electricity and a computer, then it must be clear that I have been very lucky to NOT know hunger. But I can't shield my eyes from the fact that
this issue must be addressed. Through this blog I will try to make myself aware of this worldwide situation.

: Both human and animal abuse. This is the most inexcusable problem of them all. There is simply NO REASON for abuse. NO REASON AT ALL. Are we not civilized thinking and rational beings??

Self improvement: I will try to do what I can in order to help. So far I have only adopted two stray cats. But I believe I should do so much much more.

First off. A couple of links I sometimes visit.

Perez Hilton: Of course we all know Perez Hilton's Celebrity Blog, but what many don't realize is that almost on a daily basis he provides links to different organizations who are helping out.

Free Rice: The concept is easy. You play and you donate rice. You learn, you help. Seriously it can't get any easier than this. Just play 5 minutes a day and you could feed someone.

Peta: I know sometimes Peta's ideals are kind of extreme but I do support them. They are not a bad organization, I feel people have this notion that they are really mean and extremist, but they are so focused and determined. I love that.

And finally SxEPhil. he is a Youtuber, and he really doesn't talk about the issues I will on this blog, but he has a "Douche Bag of the Day" Section on his videos were he talks about people and crime. He just gives me more and more reasons why some people should not exist.

Meet your soon-to-be, in-the-works a bit of a better person:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008