Friday, February 13, 2009

We love SxePhil= We hate OctoMom

As you may have noticed, I put videos of SxePhil on the side bar because I really enjoy his "Douchebag of the Day" section of his show, it's a constant reminder that some people mustn't ever be born, but this time, it wasn't about the DBoftheD (this day it was him) that I liked, what I liked was his opinion on the abortion and the Octo-mom thing.

I am going to omit my opinion on the Octo-mom. SoNY is all about REDUCING human population and improving quality of life! If she needed hungry mouths to feed so badly, why didn't she adopt a war orphan? Or visit a country in need?? Or adopt a bunch of abused animals??

BUT NOOOOOOOOO. She had to PURPOSEFULLY bring innocent souls and more misery to this already hurt Earth.


In the end I didn't omit my opinion, did I?? HA!

SRSLY.NOT. If you really need a mouth to feed, please adopt or foster. If you really MUST have your own baby, keep the number down. One. Two tops. NONE is the way to go.