Friday, February 13, 2009

We love SxePhil= We hate OctoMom

As you may have noticed, I put videos of SxePhil on the side bar because I really enjoy his "Douchebag of the Day" section of his show, it's a constant reminder that some people mustn't ever be born, but this time, it wasn't about the DBoftheD (this day it was him) that I liked, what I liked was his opinion on the abortion and the Octo-mom thing.

I am going to omit my opinion on the Octo-mom. SoNY is all about REDUCING human population and improving quality of life! If she needed hungry mouths to feed so badly, why didn't she adopt a war orphan? Or visit a country in need?? Or adopt a bunch of abused animals??

BUT NOOOOOOOOO. She had to PURPOSEFULLY bring innocent souls and more misery to this already hurt Earth.


In the end I didn't omit my opinion, did I?? HA!

SRSLY.NOT. If you really need a mouth to feed, please adopt or foster. If you really MUST have your own baby, keep the number down. One. Two tops. NONE is the way to go.

Ahh yes.

Yes, this definitely made me cry.


Beautiful. That's all I can say.